Tickle Yourself Organized




Is your life is full of little pieces of paper that have no home?

Tickle Yourself!

Do you find yourself unprepared for meetings and discussions?

Tickle Yourself!

Are your thoughts and notes scattered?

Tickle Yourself!

Does it seem like you never have enough time to take care of recurring tasks or big projects?

Tickle Yourself!

Do you put off making a decision about an issue, problem or action until it’s too late?

Tickle Yourself!


    • Are you inundated with paper all over your office, in the corners of your home, even on the front seat of your car? The more you have to do, the more paperwork you’ve got representing the tasks you have to perform. These papers pile up, hampering your productivity by day and haunting you by night.
    • Do you close your eyes at night, but instead of counting sheep, find those poor little lambs are being run over by express trains of all the tasks you need to remember for the coming day?
    • Do you sometimes bolt upright in bed, compelled to give yourself a “Wow-I-coulda-had-a-V8™!” slap to the forehead? Where are those handouts for the presentation? SLAP! Did I forget to mail the credit card payment? SLAP!
    • Do you lose critical paperwork before you make it to important presentations?
    • Do you forget to mail credit card payments and get slammed with high interest finance charges?

Stop beating yourself up over all these papers, tasks and thoughts. The TICKLE YOURSELF ORGANIZED Special Report helps you keep track of your responsibilities without becoming overwhelmed.

Busy professionals suffer from information overload and high pace expectations. It may seem like everyone expects you to know everything and take care of it all NOW! It’s easy to become overwhelmed, but there is hope. The Tickle Yourself Organized Special Report will teach you how to eliminate stress and save time and money – while still taking care of all of your responsibilities.


The Tickle Yourself Organized Special Report

Tickle Yourself Organized is an 18-page downloadable special report that teaches all the tips and techniques you need to know to organize your papers, tasks and thoughts. Buy it today and learn how to save time and money and increase your productivity:

    • Gain insight as to how you may be sabotaging yourself in your struggle for productivity.
    • Master your space and schedule by learning the five essential principles of organizing your resources so you can find them the first time you look!
    • Turn piles of clutter into manageable, prioritized tasks that become much easier to complete. These practical, step-by-step guidelines will stop you from being overwhelmed by your tasks so you won’t be tempted to avoid your paperwork.
    • Tackle priorities before they become problems, and conquer minutia before you end up with mountains.
    • Gain control over all of the information and reminders in your life so you’re not constantly searching for the right piece of paper.
    • Never again fear letting anything fall through the cracks. Instead of hoping a piece of paper will remind you to take care of something, you’ll learn steps ensure that you’ll stay on top of things.
    • Save time and money, improve productivity and eliminate your clutter-related stress.


Click the “Buy Now” button right away, download the Tickle Yourself Organized PDF, and in ten minutes you can be well on your way to freedom from paper chaos. Instead of a desk full of clutter and an overwhelming feeling of doom, you’ll have prioritized tasks ready to tickle your brain and sense of confidence.

Tickle Yourself Organized!
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Within the first two paragraphs of “Tickle Yourself Organized”, I knew this report was going to help me. I could totally relate to the image of express trains running through my brain as I try to get to sleep… that’s me every night! And every morning! Each bit of clutter and undone to-do in my life is like a little nagging voice that prevents me from relaxing, and yet I’m afraid that if I try to organize and put things away I’ll forget important tasks. Somewhere along the way, the clutter became my to-do list!

But now that I’ve started a tickler file I feel like I’ve got a much better chance of remembering everything that needs to be done and getting it done on time. Even the process of setting up the file was valuable… It forced me to sort through all my piles and get rid of tons of papers, clippings and reminders that I no longer need. I wouldn’t say that I’m perfectly organized — at least not yet — but my life feels much more streamlined. Thanks for the useful advice!

–Phil L., small business owner, Seattle, WA

“Tickle Yourself Organized” offers witty, refreshing advice for organizing the paperwork that’s cluttering your home or office. This special report provides a great solution for keeping track of those important documents such as concert tickets, birthday cards, monthly bills, and car insurance cards that you’ll need again in a couple of weeks or months. By using Julie’s “tickler” system, you’ll finally be able to retire that nagging mental to-do list, thus allowing you to sleep easier each night. After reading this report, you’ll wish you had adopted this system years ago. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with the rest of us, Julie!

–Angela Smith, Accu-Assist, Louisville, Kentucky

As a busy technical project manager for a business improvement company, I didn’t think I had time to bother with learning a new approach to organization. Sure, it was challenging juggling my various projects as well as keeping track of my kids’ homework, lessons and soccer games, and I’d occasionally scramble at the last minute to get things done, but it seemed to be working well enough. Then I read the “Tickle Yourself Organized” e-book. This clever, concise and fun-to-read report was filled with great ideas. It’s not hard to follow the simple steps laid out in a wonderfully intuitive manner, but if you do, you’ll soon find your life much more organized. I had no idea how much stress keeping track of all of my deadlines was causing me until I no longer needed to worry about them. If you have a job, or a family, or pay bills, you can benefit from Julie Bestry’s great advice.

–Mark Mironer, Edina, Minnesota

Tickle Yourself Organized!
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