At Best Results Organizing, we know that people learn in different ways. Upwards of 65% of the population can be considered visual learners who rely on observation, note-taking and written material to gain perspective. For those of you who consider yourselves visual learners, this section offers a collection of articles to help you get organized, manage your time and resources, and motivate you stop procrastinating and start living the life you want.

For the 30% of the population who are auditory learners who respond best to spoken words and aural teaching methods, we plan to have MP3 audio lessons and CD courses in the near future.

And if you think you fall into the 10% of the population who are kinesthetic learners – those who learn “hands-on” by doing — or if these articles help you decide you are ready to take what you”ve learned and apply it on your own or with the help of a professional organizer, please visit the Resources page. There, you’ll find products for helping yourself get organized, ways to contact me if you’d like telephone or internet coaching, and information about finding a referral to a professional organizer in your area.

Read, learn, enjoy!

If You’re Drowning In Paper, Build A RAFT
Conquer the rocky seas of paper clutter and that drowning sense of overwhelm with simple secrets from a paperwork expert.

Knowledge Is Power
Empower yourself with a system for keeping the information you need without drowning in paper

Clean Desk Club
Don’t lose the keys to your sanity under piles of papers on your desk

Organizing Your College Search and Application Process
Improve your competitive chances for college acceptance and financial aid with some simple organizing steps.

Organize the Dorm Room
Parents and college-bound students don’t have to panic about getting that dorm room in shape. A little planning ahead of time can make those first few months away from home feel a little more homey.

Caring for the Caregivers
Caregiving is heroic — learn strategies for conquering the stress and maintaining life balance.

Organize Your Car For a Road Trip
Arrive safely and still speaking to one another with these essential tips

Don’t Step On The Grocery Grenade
Save time and money and improve your family’s health with this grocery shopping game plan.

Organize A Home Recycling Center
Do your part for the environment (the one outside your front door) while keeping your recycling organized and easy to manage.

Send Summer Camp Chaos Packing!
Organize your preparation and packing so your kids will be safe, healthy and confident all summer long.

The Uncompleted Task
Give up procrastination today and start living the life to which you aspire

Resolution Revolution
Start your new life any day of the year with these powerful and motivating tips.

Sitting On Our ‘But’s
Banish the clutter once and for all by tossing out the underlying excuses

The Magic Of “No”
Learn how one little word can bring the energy vampires to their knees

Emergency Evacuation
Prepare now to protect yourself, your family and your business from catastrophe

Declutter Colds and Flu
Organize your way to health and comfort so the sniffles aren’t so insufferable

Paper And Plastic
Organize your financial records and paperwork to preserve your sanity, your identity, your dignity and your future

A Shred Of Decency
Learn the organizing basics for safeguarding your identity

Fighting Back
Fight back and save your good name when you’ve been the victim of identity theft.