Speaking Engagements

Do you need an enthusiastic and entertaining professional speaker to educate your group about organizing and time management issues?

Julie Bestry has presented customized workshops, seminars and teleseminars for a wide variety of companies, professional organizations and non-profit groups, including:

  • Alpha Kappa Delta Teaching Sorority
  • American Association of Administrative Professionals-Cherokee Chapter
  • American Business Women’s Association-Dunlap Chapter
  • American Society of Women Accountants-Chattanooga Chapter
  • Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club
  • Chattanooga Closet Company
  • Chattanooga State Technical Community College
  • Cleveland/Bradley County (TN) Public Library
  • Girls, Inc.
  • Memorial Hospital
  • MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers–Athens, Tennessee Chapter
  • MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers–Chattanooga First Presbyterian Church
  • OPS: Mothers of Preschoolers–Ooltewah Baptist Church
  • MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers–Silverdale Baptist Church
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Older, Wiser Women Online Summit
  • Partnership Associates-Volunteer Arm of Chattanooga’s Partnership for Families, Children and Adults
  • PowerFULL Living Radio
  • Royal Oaks Senior Living Community (Dalton, GA)
  • Superb Web Design
  • Tennessee Legal Defenders
  • Tennessee Public Health Association
  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Virtual Assistant Revolution
  • Women’s Marketing Telesummit

Julie can customize the right presentation for your group’s meeting, conference or retreat. Popular topics include residential organizing for busy families, time management, clutter control, improved productivity, and combatting procrastination.

Julie uses humor and real-world examples based on years of experience as a professional organizer to help participants understand the obstacles to getting and staying organized. She motivates attendees to make positive changes in their professional and personal lives and provides key techniques to help them achieve their goals.

What People Are Saying

I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed having you come to speak to the Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club…We are oftentimes lost in a sea of diapers, sippy cups, clothes, messy faces, germs, sticky hands and many other things that we have a hard time finding, much less naming.

To top off our confusion, we add a lack of sleep, not eating right or exercising, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed! That’s where you come in! Your discussion on taking care of yourself first (the Flight Attendant rule) was completely accurate….

Showing us easy ways to cut down on clutter, such as by stopping it from every coming into the house to begin with or dealing with it once it is in the house; Ways to turn clutter into cash, such as finding a special new home for those old bridesmaid dresses; And showing us that everything needs a home, it just does not have to have a home with us personally, really touched on some areas that we moms are in desperate need.

Betsy Bird, President
Chattanooga Area Mothers of Multiples Club



I really like [Julie’s] humor and approach. Many of the things she talked about I already “knew”, but got “lazy” and stopped using them. Her talk was really the kick in the pants I needed to get myself organized again. I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and I’m really tired of spending hours looking for something that I just had in my hand. I liked being reminded that I don’t have to do everything in one day. Making it a habit of taking a few minutes every day goes a long way for accomplishing the task much better in the long run.

Veronica, mother of 3-year-old triplets



Julie was very insightful! She was funny, well-spoken and very enjoyable to listen to. I took away some great ideas and I’ve realized that it’s true that a well-organized space saves you time, money and stress. The whole Friend, Acquaintance, and Stranger idea was great and one that I’m going to use in the girls’ room as well as my own.

Pat, mother of 6-year-old twin girls



We all really enjoyed your presentation at the VA Revolution and learned tons of great tips. You’re such a gold mine of ideas and information! Several of our members have already commented on how “awesome” your presentation was, and one even noted that it was the best seminar we’ve had to date! You have such a wonderful, motivational speaking style, which excites everyone about getting organized!

Angela Smith, Owner



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for speaking for the members of the Virtual Assistant Revolution. As virtual assistants, it¹s imperative that we keep on top of not only our clients but factoring our home lives in there as well. For most of us, it’s a daunting task and for those of us who are not organized by nature this information gave us hope that we, too, can be organized. The information you presented to us was on our level, encouraging, and well presented. I know that many of us implemented many of your ideas immediately and for me personally, the purchase of your report “Tickle Yourself Organized was a great resource to help me stay on top of what I need to. You truly are a wealth of knowledge and know your stuff!

Heather Jacobson
Valley VA


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