Information And Paper Management

  • Are you suffering from information overload?
  • Are your horizontal surfaces covered with piles of files?
  • Do you spend more time searching for bills, legal documents or notes from your child’s school than you do reading them?

The dawn of the computer era was filled with promises of paperless offices and paper-free lives. Instead, the amount of paper Americans use has doubled in the last ten years and is expected to double again by 2010. The advent of email, voicemail, instant messaging, handheld gadgets and text-messaging telephones has just added to the amount of information we are expected to maintain and digest. It’s no wonder that people feel overwhelmed.

Best Results Organizing will work with you to customize an efficient information management system that makes your life easier to handle. You’ll never again have a frenzied search for an emergency phone number, password or piece of key information. Best Results Organizing will also develop a skill-training plan so you can handle paperwork easily and stay organized. Soon, you’ll be able to find any piece of paper within a matter of seconds, and have more time to enjoy your life.

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