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Are you so frazzled by mid-December that your nerves start to feel like tangled Christmas lights?

Have visions of sugarplums been replaced by nightmares of long lines and traffic jams?

Does that Thanksgiving turkey remind you of a time bomb, ticking down to the big day in December?

Do you fantasize about hiding the bathroom scale instead of hiding the presents?

Would you rather spend December at the North Pole than have to deal with the emotional turmoil at family events?

Have you considered writing a letter to Santa to request one more hour of sleep?

As you unwrap your presents, do you fear you will spend more time dusting them than enjoying them?

Do you anticipate the holiday season with childlike glee, or with resignation that you will end up too stressed, sick or poverty-stricken to really enjoy it all?



    • Is your house a mess from Thanksgiving until the New Year, with cards and shopping lists and overflowing shopping bags covering every inch of your space? For every special meal, party or celebration we anticipate, it means more planning, shopping and rearranging, and that means more clutter.
    • Is your datebook so filled with appointments and tasks between November 20 and January 2 that you don’t have a minute to yourself? The holidays are definitely a time for getting together with loved ones and sharing the joys of the season, but too often, our calendars reflect someone else’s priorities. Is your schedule determined by guilt-tripping or by glee?
    • Do you get sick every December? It’s no surprise that we put self-care on the back-burner in order to meet all of the shopping, cooking, entertaining and traveling plans on our To-Do list. But we do this at the very time when other shoppers, chefs, revelers and travelers (and their germs) share our enclosed spaces at stores and parties and in planes, trains and automobiles. It’s no wonder our health suffers—this all happens while we’re overworked, dehydrated and sleep-deprived during the rush of the holidays.
    • Are you dreading holiday get-togethers with family? It’s a little-known fact that Norman Rockwell’s famous painting of a family around the holiday table was a creation from Rockwell’s mind, not an accurate rendering of a real family setting. Real families are made up of real people, and real people have flaws and foibles—it’s no surprise that long-held grudges and disappointments bubble their way to the surface during the holidays.
    • Do you feel like your family doesn’t appreciate you and all the things you do to give them a nice Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa? Perhaps your teenagers fail to show enthusiasm for age-old family rituals, or maybe your spouse conveniently forgets to perform some holiday chores. If this sounds familiar, it could be that your family has outgrown these activities but would blossom with some new traditions.
    • Are your closets bursting with prior years’ gifts that you need to store, organize or dust? Do you keep getting gifts that don’t fit your age, size or lifestyle, or do you struggle to find the right presents for the special people in your life? Wouldn’t you rather give clutter-free gifts that would bring joy (instead of obligation) the recipients on your gift list?



If the serenity you see on television commercials and in old movies is a far cry from the chaos of your holiday season, simplify the season and save your sanity.

If holiday vacation finds you in bed with the sniffles, ten pounds heavier and your wallet many hundreds (or thousands) of dollars lighter, simplify the season and save your sanity.

If cooking, entertaining and gift-giving has come to feel like an exercise in frustration (and that’s the only exercise you have time to accomplish during December), simplify the season and save your sanity.

ANNOUNCING: Simplify The Season and Save Your Sanity Special Report

Simplify The Season and Save Your Sanity is a 27-page downloadable special report that teaches all the tips and techniques you need to know to replace the chaos of the season with serenity and joy.


    • Achieve a calmer, more organized life during the holidays with my FLIGHT ATTENDANT RULE.
    • Experience the thrill of accomplishing your holiday goals instead of the disappointment of unmet expectations by using practical tips for setting realistic priorities.
    • De-stress your days and stay healthy and well-rested from Thanksgiving through New Year’s with my BODY MODEL FOR HOLIDAY SURVIVAL.
    • Master the art of delegation so you’re not doing Santa’s work (as well as the labor of the elves, the leaping lords, the milking maids, the dancing ladies and all their feathered friends).
    • Transcend the cruelties of the holidays. Stop suffering through festive dinners with sore shoulders, tired feet and aching backs. And don’t let the turkeys get you down (whether they’re the ones with calories or the ones to whom you are related).
    • Survive the financial demands of the season with tips on budgeting your resources in a way that works for you and your family.
    • Learn how to eliminate the SHOULD and OUGHTS of the holiday season so you can revel in the COULDS and MIGHTS.
    • Live the season by your own rules—glory in the new possibilities!
    • Safeguard your family’s time and activities by identifying what’s truly important to your them this holiday season. Share in creating happy memories instead of cluttered surroundings.
    • Create your holiday MASTER PLANNER to keep all of the essential information for cooking, shopping and other events and tasks in one safe place.
    • Create a GIVING PLAN that helps you open your heart to charitable requests without breaking the bank.
    • Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a CLUTTER-FREE holiday season!


Simplify The Season and Save Your Sanity Special Report

Click the “Buy Now” button right away, download the Simplify The Season and Save Your Sanity Special Report PDF, and in ten minutes you can be well on your way to freedom from holiday chaos. Have a healthy, happy holiday season that you and your family will remember fondly.

Simplify The Season and Save Your Sanity
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What are people saying about SIMPLIFY THE SEASON and SAVE YOUR SANITY?

I was amazed at the amount of useful advice in “Simplify the Season & Save Your Sanity”! While the report is focused on navigating the holidays, I feel like the included tips and advice would be useful at any time of year. I appreciated the emphasis on self-care as the foundation for taking better care of others, and I got a lot from the suggestions on holiday shopping & gift giving, since I tend to let myself get stressed & overwhelmed by what should really be fun tasks. On top of all that, Julie’s ideas aren’t just helpful, they have real heart as well and serve as useful reminders of what the holiday spirit is supposed to be about!

–Phil Locke, Seattle, Washington

Thank you for sharing your e-book, Simplify the Season & Save Your Sanity.

Typically the holidays are a very difficult time for me with the frenetic pace due to extra events and activities, the unrealistic expectations I place on myself, and my lack of organization. You have helped me tremendously with a few basic principles that I’ve gleaned and attempted to put in place in the last few weeks.

I feel a sense of joy and calm that I don’t know that I have ever felt in my adult life during the month of December. Thank you, Julie.

–Peggy LaRochelle
Chattanooga, TN

Simplify The Season and Save Your Sanity
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