Join The Resolution Revolution

If you’re like most people, right around New Year’s Eve, you made a resolution or set a goal for how you want to leaded your life in the coming year. Top resolutions are usually to lose weight and exercise more, get out of debt and gain control of finances, and get organized.

Actually, because we know that the key to mastery over all the aspects of our lives is organized planning, you might say that almost everyone’s resolutions involves getting organized. Unfortunately, by early February, most goals fall by the wayside and we’re left feeling conquered and disappointed each time we see that yellowing list of resolutions.

This year, give up the guilt. DON’T APOLOGIZE. ORGANIZE®! Try employing these tiny tricks for sticking with your resolutions.

Give Yourself The Present-The present tense, that is. One of my favorite quotes is:


“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles;
it empties today of its strength.”

Similarly, worrying about the past doesn’t help you gain control of the future. So, don’t worry about the eating plan you broke yesterday or the clutter amassed since Christmas. Just start RIGHT NOW to do something that will help towards reaching your eventual goal: eat an apple, do ten push-ups or ab crunches, locate your 1099s and W2s to help you start your taxes. Live in the moment, release the guilt and just do something.

One Singular Sensation-You know the expression, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem?” Do JUST ONE THING to be part of the solution. Open today’s mail, toss the non-essentials and deal with the necessary items. Maybe this will inspire you tackle yesterday’s mail, or even last week’s mail, but for right now, do JUST ONE THING to move you towards your goal. Even the tiniest action is a small victory, and it will spur you on to conquer larger piles of clutter and more detailed To-Do lists.

Color Your World-It’s hard to be inspired during the grey days of winter. Add a little motivation to your goals with a colorful chart listing your mini-goals (green for financial tasks, red for healthy eating, a calming blue for stress-reduction). Consider color-coding your folders for collecting incoming tax papers, Weight Watchers booklets or yoga class schedules. Brighten the room by opening the curtains, and brighten your spirits by putting on a positive attitude like you’d put on a brightly-colored sweater. A little color, a little colorful music, and a colorful disposition can make each step towards your ability to achieve your goals that much easier.

When should you do it? Now!
What should you do? Just one thing!
How? With a colorful, can-do attitude!

Start your happy new year any day of the year!

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About the Author:   Julie Bestry is a professional organizer, speaker and author, who helps individuals and businesses save time and money, reduce stress and increase productivity through new organizational skills and systems. Her most recent book is 57 Secrets for Organizing Your Small Business. For information on how Julie can turn your chaos into serenity, visit Best Results Organizing at

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